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Hassle-Free Data Solution

Integrate, transform, and connect your data in one platform.

Low to
No Coding Skills

Delman Data Lab focuses on simplicity that requires
minimum to-no coding skills.

Connect and
Serve Instantly

Suitable and instantly synced in a multi-cloud environment such as MySQL, Google Cloud, AWS, and many more.

Secured Dashboard

Share your dashboard in a secured manner within your organization.


Explore the new way of integrating multiple data sources,transforming data into the form for your consumption, andconnecting data to your favorite data visualization tools. Automate all of the process above to save the time of your engineers!

Customer Stories

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Subhan Nurkhalik

Data Engineer, PAXEL

Delman Data Lab simplified the ETL/ELT processes. It helped my team to do more efficient data processing at PAXEL.

Rama Raditya

Chief Executive Officer, Qlue

Through the data management system's empowerment, the Security Department and Government Entity can accelerate their decision-making process.

Pandu Aryanto

Strategic Solution Adviser and Executive Brand Partner of Nuskin

With Delman's solution, all division can make their own business decision using comprehensive and robust data to elevate their accuracy to a whole new level.

Ulpan Dimas

AVP - Head of Business Intelligence & Big Data, Indosat

With the Delman-made module, Indosat generated data-driven decisions through user-friendly and accurate business insights that are accessible to everyone within the company.

Subianto Windoro

Chief Executive Officer, Akar Inti Data

Delman Data Lab is worth every penny. I would love to collaborate more with Delman on more upcoming projects.

Delman Data Lab

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